—General Questions—

Where are you located?
A: We have 2 different locations to serve your needs, you can find them here

When does your outdoor location close for winter?
A: The Outdoor Action Park is actually open all winter long. We’ve found that people enjoy the varied playstyle that playing in the snow offers.

How long is one session?
A: A Session is 30 minutes long and consists of a 15 minute break ( or gear up time if its your first session of the day) and 15 minutes of playtime.


What should I wear?
Frontline Action’s outdoor fields are situated in a wooded area and prone to wet conditions. Coveralls and gloves may be rented. We also suggest you consider the following:
• Good footwear with ankle protection and an extra pair of shoes
• Loose fitting, comfortable clothing and gloves
• A baseball cap, bandana or hockey neck guard to protect your neck
• Wear contacts instead of glasses. If you must wear glasses – defog them using commercial defogger, shampoo or shaving cream.

What Happens at a Frontline Event?
• Show up on time, as a group (all at once). Show up 5-10 minutes early (please note your time does not start until booking time but this may speed up the process)
• Fill out Online Waivers
• Get Coveralls, masks and gloves
• Listen to safety briefing and upgrade session.
• This process can take 15-30 minutes
• Group will be assigned a referee who will pick teams, supervise and distribute paint/equipment.
• You are booked for 1-2 hours but you may play longer if you desire.
• Wear contacts instead of glasses

Can I bring my own food and/or beverages?
Yes. If you do not have your own we have a snack bar on site. Pizza may also be ordered.


How soon should I book?
Our items are booked first come first served so the sooner you book the better your selection will be. Also, due to scheduling we are not always able to accommodate last minute rentals. Although we will do our best to fit you in, it is best to book as well in advance as possible to avoid disappoint.

Is a deposit required?
Yes, we require 25% of the total cost of your booking up front.

Where can the inflatables be set up?
Almost any flat surface will do. We prefer to set up on a smooth grassy area. However, paved driveways, church and school gyms, or halls with high ceilings all work great as well. Please discuss this when booking so we can make arrangements to properly secure the inflatables.