Archery Battle

Archery Battle is a sport that takes inspiration in professional archery. Our bows are designed for both right and left-handed people to hold them easily and the primary difference with real archery is that our ammunition is a bit different. The arrows have foam tips. The idea of the game is to try and hit your opponent while also trying to shoot out their team's foam targets.

The rules of this sport combine elements from dodge ball, paintball, and traditional archery, which turns it into an exciting mixture and into one of the best and most fun ways to release adrenalin in parties, stag parties, team building events or any kind of event for schools and other groups.

Archery Battle also has many other names like Archery Tag ©, archery combat or archery attack. Awake the warrior within you and put your aim, your reflexes and your eagerness to have fun to test. SArchery Battle is suitable for players ages 8 and up.