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iCombat is the most authentic combat simulation you will ever experience. Initially designed for police and military, it is now available to the public through Frontline Action. The equipment is based on the real thing. Like our irM4, same size, same weight, with simulated muzzle flash and recoil, and just like the real M4, you will be able to fire off a limited number of rounds before having to reload.

Your kill ratio and accuracy are recorded and sent to the main computer. At the end of the round, your points are tallied and you will find out how good of a soldier you really are. The sensors on your tactical vest and headband light up and indicate that you have been shot, and this also shuts down your weapon. The optional StressX Belt jolts you with 4500 volts of electricity. It is completely safe but gives you the same fear in the battlefield you have a getting shot, and it reminds you that you do not want to be hit and not to get taken out.

As you can see, our tactical laser tag system is extremely realistic. FBI, military, and police agree this is the best training tool ever created. Now you and your friends get to gear up, duke it out, and find out who is truly the best of the best!