Not just Paintball

Oh yes! We are much more than just Paintball. Frontline is proud to offer SplatMaster, LaserTag and Airsoft services as well as Airsoft products in our Pro Shop! For more info on what Frontline has to offers Click Here for details!

Private Games

Getting sick of the same old games and activities? Gather up the gang and book your own private game with Frontline today! With packages available in SplatMaster, LaserTag and Airsoft there is something for everyone! Click her for details.

Open Games

Ever Saturday and Sunday Frontline hosts an open game where you can come with your friends or by yourself and join in the action! We even run custom scenario games so you are sure to always have fun! Click here for details!

Frontline Scenarios

Experience high energy scenarios that take Paintball and Airsoft to the next level! Frontline Scenarios feature creative engaging missions, realistic special effects and unique event offerings that leave you WoWed! Click here for details.

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