How to Fill out your waiver

Thank your for your interest in playing at the Frontline Action Indoor Action Center. Please follow these steps to fill out your waiver and be ready for your play day:

1) Click this link to access the barracks account creation page Click Here

2) Fill out the information & be sure to change no location to "Frontline Action Indoor Field" under the location tab

- No special characters, underscores or profanity in usernames.
- If your username box is red, that means someone else has chosen that name

3) Sign in to your newly created account, the page should prompt you, if not Click here

4) Click Reserve Now!

5) Read the waiver and sign in the 'Player Signature' box. Click and hold your mouse to sign.
- Click the x in the top right corner if you need to reset

6) You're all done, Now just bring your user name and password when you visit us at Frontline Action & we will finish getting you set-up with a swipe card to complete the final step of joining in on a game.