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Looking for a new thrill? Are you a military lover? Big Battlefield fan? Well airsoft may just be for you!

Airsoft is similar to paintball in many ways, but very different in others. Airsoft is a much more tactical game that requires fore strategy, planning and team work that most recreational paintball. Games are generally much longer and have more in-depth missions and objectives.

Besides the game play itself, the gear is also very different. The guns are 1 to 1 scale replicas of real fire arms. They shoot further and more accurate than paintball guns as well. The majority of airsoft rifles are battery powered or knows as AEGs. No messing around with big air tanks if you are going to the cabin or out in the woods for a game. Even the pistols are powered by 12 gram CO2 tanks or small green gas cans. Great for when you can't easily get a tank filled like with paintball!

Some Of Our Brands

  • G&G

    G&G is our main airsoft brand and for good reason. They make a wide range of rifles from entry level gear to high end rifles for the seasoned veteran. Their entry level gear is second to none for the price and quality. They are extremely reliable and very easy to upgrade. Build quality and body materials are almost identical to that of they higher end guns but at a fraction of the price. With new guns coming out every few months there is something for everyone!

    They also offer a fairly good selection of pistols and are planning to expand the selection over the next year. G&G also offer a large selection of upgrade parts and other gear such as mags, grips, sights, tracer units and more. They also produce high quality BBs that are a great balance of performance and price.

    Besides excellent selection and quality another large reason we sell G&G is their customer service and warranty. With 2 main Canadian suppliers and a 60 day warranty (double other companies!) their customer service and support are second to none in the airsoft world.
  • Elite Force

    Elite Force is one of a best best pistol suppliers. They are a division of Umarex who also make steel BB guns. When it comes to full metal, full blowback pistols they are one of the best. The Tac 1911 and Colt 1911 have been our 2 best selling - and most reliable - co2 pistols ever.

    Elite Force also make high quality BBs. Like G&G, they offer a great balance of cost and performance. They also make accessories such as the SL14 speedloader, pistol and rifle magazines and even optics and accessories.

  • Condor

    Condor is our go to company for vests, pouches and other soft good accessories. They make real military quality gear at an affordable price!

    Condor make a vest for every need from your light weight, high speed chest rigs and battle belts to heavy weight plate carriers for when you need all the gear you can carry. Available in a variety of colors and camo patterns they will have something to suit everyone. It does not matter what type of gear you are trying to carry they have a pouch that will be perfect. Mag pouches, radio pouches, cleaning mats, EMT pouches, even insulated hydration pouches!

    Condor make many other soft goods as well. They make high quality slings, rifle/gear bags, gloves and jackets. All available from us at Frontline Action.

  • Other

    Didn't see a brand you were looking for? Well don't worry! We have access to almost all brands and stock many products from most suppliers.

    Some of the other suppliers we commonly have in stock are: G&P, A&K, KJW, KWC, Tokyo Marui, GXG, Tactical Crusader, Echo1, WE, Phantom Gear and MANY more!

    Looking for something not listed? Give us a call, email or swing on in and we will do our best to get it for you!

What We Sell

  • Guns

    The most important piece of airsoft gear you have (besides safety gear of course!) is your gun. It is your primary weapon that is going to be used the most and play a huge role in how well your perform on the battlefield.

    Here at Frontline we offer a wide selection of rifles for all skill levels and playing styles. AEG rifles in M4, AK, SMG and even LMG variants, Spring powered snipers and even gas guns! We sell G&G, Lancer Tactical, WELL, APS, Echo1 and more!

    Don't forget that sidearm! We also offer a great selection of pistols including CO2 and GBB models! We have a pistol for every need, playing style, and time of year. G&G, Elite Force, KJW, KWC, WE, and more all in stock!

  • Accessories

    One of the cool things about airsoft is the endless number of parts and configurations available. Even the most basic guns have thousands of parts available. Internally, externally, cosmetic and performance based. You can truly make your gear your own!

    If you are looking to upgrade your gun externally your imagination is the only limitation. Flashlights, foregrips, red dots, rails, rail covers, shrouds, mags, stocks, the list goes on forever! You can make your airsoft gun look however you want and we can help! With hundreds of parts in stock we can help make your vision a reality!

    Airsoft guns are just like cars internally in that every part can be replaced and upgraded. Parts designed to shoot a higher rate of fire, some for higher velocity, some for better accuracy. You can make your gun shoot the way you want it to! Air nozzles, pistons, piston heads, motors, inner barrels, shims, bearings and more all in stock ready to go!

  • Vests & Clothing

    If you want to be the best on the field then you're going to need to look the part as well! You can't carry all those extra mags, smoke grenades and other gear in your jeans pockets(If you can, let me know where you got them, I want a pair!)! Luckily we have all the gear you will need!

    You are going to want a set of BDU Camos and luckily we can help! We stock the latest camo patterns such as Kryptec, Multicam and Urban Digital. We would never be able to stock every camo available, but can you get most! Cadpat, Marpat, OD, ACU, Desert Camo and just about any other pattern you may want! You don't want to stand out on the battlefield!

    Don't forget the vest! They offer an extra layer of protection and help you carry all that extra gear! We have the right vest for any need. Light weight, high speed chest rigs? Got em. Heavyweight plate carrier? We have you covered. With fully modular molle vests you can get the exact pouches you need, right where you want them!

  • Everything Else

    Besides all of the items listed above we have everything else you could possibly need for a day on the field. We stock all of the airsoft essentials.

    We have all the gear you need including BBs, 12 gram CO2, green gas, gear grease, repair parts and more! Don't forget the airsoft goggles, lower face protection and even barrel bags/covers!

    We also stock all of the optional airsoft gear. Boonie hats, gloves, shemaghs, kill rags, grenades and more!

Tips, Tricks & More!

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