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About Our Knives

Frontline Action is the largest knife retailer in Newfoundland and we are on par with some of the largest in Canada! With competitive prices and  a massive selection we are sure to have something for everyone! Our knowledgeable staff can help you make the right decision and get you a knife (Or even sword!) for your needs!  Don't see what you are looking for? Let us know! We can order in almost any knife as long as it is legal in Canada.

Why buy local?

Ordering knives online pose many challenges. Shipping, customs fees, and of course knowing what you can and can not import. The list goes on and on! Let us handle the hard work!
You can look at all the pictures in the world but until you see something in person and hold it for yourself you can not get a true idea for an item! So drop into our proshop and pick up a few knives. Careful, they're sharp!

Some Of Our Brands

  • BenchMade

    Benchmade. A name any true knife enthusiast should know. They offer a wide range of knives for any need, made using industry leading materials and the latest knife making processes. Unlike some higher end companies who also make lower end knives, Benchmade take pride in only offering high quality knives. Benchmade make hunting knives, rescue gear, military/tactical knives and of course every day carry knives.

    Average price range: $150-$200. Some knives can go up to $500 or more.

    Common Steel Types used: S30V, S90V, 154CM, N680
  • Spyderco

    Spyderco. Another name all knife collectors, and even those who aren't big into knives know. They have been around for over 30 years and have revolutionized the knife industry. With many break through innovations they have over 86 patents for their knives. Many Spyderco knives can be identified by their large round hole in the blade for opening instead of using the more traditional thumb stud.

    Spyderco specialize in every day use knives but of offer some more specialized knives including their H1 Steel knives for extreme corrosion resistance to rugged fixed blade hunting knives. They even make some VERY nice kitchen knives.

    Average cost: $100-180 but have many knives $250+

    Common steels: AUS 8, VG10, H1 & S30V are common but they use a long list of steels in their higher end knives.

  • Kershaw

    Kershaw is one of our favorite knife companies. They have something for just about everyone. Most of their knives are at a more "affordable" price point and just about every knife they make is a "usable" knife. Almost all knives they make are something you can just pick up and use for any every day task. Most of their knives only come in plain edge but they do have some serrated models as well. Another reason Kershaw knives are so popular is because they make very nice quality assisted knives.

    Kershaw do make some higher end knives on par with some of the best in the business, as well as limited production runs. They also sell some fixed blade aimed towards hunting and camping.

    Average price: Most Kershaw knives range from $40-70 however like most companies, it isn't uncommon to see some knives $80-100+

    Common blade materials: 8CR13MOV is the most common, but they do use Sandvik 14C28N, 420J2 Stainless in some of their higher end knives.

  • CRKT

    CRKT is probably our favorite brand. They make a VERY wide range of knives. Different blade and handle styles/materials, unique opening systems, ball bearing systems, military knives, hunting knives, and every day use. They have one of the most versatile knife selections of any company. Their AutoLawks locking system is a secondary lock on their higher end folding knives. It is an easy to use lock system that works extremely well and will prevent the knife from accidentally closing during hard use tasks. This and their VEFF serration are 2 of the common selling features!

    Average Price: $40-90 with the higher end knives usually $100-130 with a couple in the $200+ range.

    Common Steels: 8Cr13Mov and AUS8 are used in most. They also do a few other steels but they are less common.

  • TOPS

    TOPS Knives offer possibly the largest selection of fixed blade knives from any company. They have an outstanding selection of hiking/camping knives, survival knives and military combat knives. Most of their knives use micarta handles/scales which are as durable as they are beautiful. They also use mainly 1095 High Carbon blades with one of the best heat treatments of any company. If you had to choose one knife to survive with it you should consider one of these!

    Average Price: Quality isn't cheap. $100-180 is the average price with a few cheaper, and quiet a few $200+

    Common Steel: Almost all TOPS knives are 1095 High Carbon. They do make a few stainless steel knives but they are not common.

Knives By Style

  • Every Day Use

    Most of the knives we sell are used for every day general use. Opening boxes, packages, cutting rope/ties and so on. The uses of a good knife are endless. Knives are tools, not weapons! Screw drivers, scissors, hammers, they are all the same and you want to make sure you have the right tool for the job! You wouldn't use a Phillips screw driver to screw in a flat head screw would you?

    You also wouldn't use a Buck hunting knife to open a few boxes either! Most EDC (Every Day Carry) knives are smaller folding knives that can easily fit in your pocket. Let us help you get the right tool for you!
  • Camping & Survival

    While camping a good knife is one of the best tools you can have. A good knife can make for a much more enjoyable experience and lighten the amount of gear you need to carry. It could also save your life. Anything could happen while out hiking, hunting or fishing to turn a couple days out into a life or death situation. You could have to build a shelter, start a fire, skin an animal or more. You want a knife good for any task! Generally a larger fixed blade knife is desirable.

    Some knives come with storage compartments for survival essentials. Fishing line & hook, fire starter, bandages and more. These are great options for a camping or survival knife but at bare minimum we suggest having a knife with some sort of fire starter attached to the handle or sheath.

  • Emergency & Rescue

    We sell a wide range of first responder/EMS and rescue knives. Knifes specifically designed for emergency situations such as motor vehicle accidents or other rescue situations. There are many different styles available but the most common is a knife with a seatbelt cutter ad window breaker. Usually these are a folding knife. Did you know if you're car went underwater you would not be able to open the door or get the window down? A window breaker could save your or someone else life!

    There are also other styles such as fixed blade rescue hooks, folding knives with no point (rounded tip for safer use) and even small key chain size tools. You may never need to use one, but what happens the day that you do?

  • Hunting & Skinning

    When it comes to a good hunting knife there are a few things to look for. You want a knife with a nice large blade edge for easy slicing and you want a knife that is relatively easy to sharpen or atleast holds an edge really well. Some people also like to have a "gut hook" on the knife as well to make opening up an animal a little easier. You also want a plain edge knife instead of a serrated blade. Serrated blades with tear instead of slice making skinning any animal a nightmare.

    There are many different knives that make great hunting knives. You want to handle one for yourself before buying. It must fit your hand well, have a nice grip and not be too heavy! It can be very tricky to do when buying online even with detailed specs. We always suggest holding one in hand first!

  • Swords & Fantasy Blades

    We also sell a wide range of Fantasy and movie swords. Everything from real, sharpened katanas to Sting from Lord Of The Rings. We can get in just about any sword for a collector or blade enthusiast. The Walking Dead, Zelda, Ronin and more! We can also get historical swords such as broad swords, cutlass, daggers, viking axes and more!

    Whatever you are looking for swing on by or give us a call and we would be happy to help!

  • Axes, Throwing Knives & More!

    Besides the more common knives we sell, we also sell a wide selection of axes, tomahawks, throwing knives and more! Great for collectors or someone looking for a new hobby!

    We also stock a large selection of machetes and kukuris.

Tips, Tricks & More!

  • What Makes A Good Knife?

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  • The Secret To A Sharp Knife

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  • Caring For Your Knife

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