Welcome to Frontline Action Outdoor Park


With the new measures announced our outdoor facility is still open.  We need to be vigilant to maintain to protect our community and loved ones from Covid-19.  This resurgence must be suppressed for all our sakes. To that end, we believe that Paintball, Airsoft, and Lasertag are safe activities that can be enjoyed without risk to your health from Covid-19.  Presently we are refilling Sodastream and Beer CO2 bottles.


Paintball and Airsoft are the ultimate sporting activities for practicing social distancing because

  1. there is no sharing of equipment (like a ball),
  2. it is contact-free, and
  3. The game is played at distances much greater than the recommended six feet required for social distancing.


We take your health and safety seriously. To ensure your time at our park is safe and fun, please note the following:

  • Our staff has been directed to not come to work if feeling unwell. As well, high-risk staff will not be scheduled to work.
  • Please complete waivers on your wireless device prior to play.  The URL is https://www.vantora.com/Paintball/fla/
  • If you feel unwell, have a cough or a fever, for the health and safety of our staff and customers, we ask that you do not visit our facility. Please self-isolate and seek medical attention.  A full refund will be offered if you are unable to attend due to sickness.
  • If you have recently traveled from outside the province and have not self-isolated for 14 days please do not visit our park.  Participants from vulnerable populations should not participate.
  • All customers must wear a cloth face covering when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • All rental equipment has been cleaned and disinfected prior to your arrival at our park.
  • Your rental mask is your safety device. It has been cleaned and disinfected and has sat unused for at least 72 hours to ensure your safety. Please keep your mask on at all times when on the playing field.
  • New masks are available for purchase and are yours to take home at the end of your visit. You are welcome to reuse your personal mask on future visits to our park and receive a discount. Please ask staff for details.
  • Please do not share your equipment with others. Your equipment is for your use only for the duration of your visit to our park.
  • Please do not pick up or handle anyone else’s equipment. If you are concerned that someone else has touched your equipment, please inform our staff and they will re-sanitize your equipment, or replace your rental equipment for you.
  • Hand sanitizer is provided for your use. We encourage you to wash your hands, sanitize often, and sneeze or cough into a disposable tissue or your elbow, as per Health Canada guidelines. Trash containers are distributed throughout the park for your use.
  • Washable Disposable gloves are available for your use, at no charge. Please ask staff for details.
  • Please exercise at least 6.5-foot physical distance at all times, both on and off the field.

We welcome your feedback. We will take great care to ensure your safety during your visit. Please let us know how we are doing, and if we can do more.  STAY SAFE. STAY HEALTHY. #PLAYPAINTBALL #PLAYLASERTAG # PLAYAIRSOFT