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Team Building

Need an office reset? If you could start over with your team and have a clean slate what would that be worth? Wanna shock your boss with an iCombat Shock belt?
At Frontline Action team building is what we do. You can come to us or we can send a team to you. Whether you just want to shoot people with paintballs, have a game of lasertag or take on iCombat, we'll deliver the safe and best experience to your team.
Need help figuring out which experience is best for you? Email or call and speak with one of our trained customer service representatives at 747-4653!

The staff of the Newfoundland Chocolate Company spent an afternoon together at Frontline Paintball as a team building exercise and we had a blast! Tom and his staff were helpful and professional and quickly eased the mild apprehension some of our first time participants were feeling. We ran around, dove into snowbanks, pretended to be cowboys and cops and assassins and had a heck of a great time. It was great exercise and made for a unique and memorable staff excursion and it’s one our group has eagerly vowed to repeat.
Brent Smith CCO (Chief Chocolate Officer) Newfoundland Chocolate Company