So Bevie and I are on another adventure. This time we are in Florida while my wife receives treatment for her long standing back issues from our good friend; Dr. Stephen Stokes.
I realized that we almost always follow the same routine when we travel and I decided to share it with all my friends.

Step 1: Living accommodation with fridge and cooking ability
Book a hotel with a fridge, coffee maker and microwave in your room. You usually need a lower star hotel for this feature. You can also book a nicer long term stay location, condo or house depending on your budget. We usually use blind bookings sites like Hotwire and stay short periods because we move around alot and are really budget conscious. To each their own.

Step 2: Buy your food at the grocery store

A big cost both financially and health wise is eating out when you travel. No matter how healthy you are at home the wheels can come off when you travel. Also be careful of included breakfasts. Stay away from those delicious waffle makers and the sausages, hash browns and ham.  Processed foods (especially meats) are a killer. Stick to the eggs and oatmeal.  We visit the local grocery store and stock up on healthy foods. Breakfasts, snacks and even dinners allow us to eat clean and lean and save mega money. My go to shopping list is:
1. instant oatmeal (not sugary) for breakfasts
2. almond butter and organic gluten free crackers for breakfast and snacks
3. almonds, organic pumpkin seeds, organic dried dates and organic dark chocolate which I mix up as a trail mix and eat constantly
4. organic baby carrots and organic hummus. Those who know me will verify that I eat so many of these when I travel that my face actually turns orangy in pictures.
5. A bunch of bananas are great as a stand alone snack, on top of the almond butter crackers or even in the oatmeal
6. a case of spring water or a large bottle of spring water that I can refill my large insulated travel mugs with
7. goat cheese to go with crackers.
8. Organic Aussie bites – as a treat. Also high in omega 3’s
9. box of organic green tea
10. This trip I found a microwavable meal at Costco that is a green curry with rice and quinoa that has been working for a few dinners. Only $8 for 5 meals.
Total cost around $110USD which will last us over a week. We have eaten out twice and the restaurant bills have been more than that. We are feeling great about our food choices and instead of returning from our trip needing to go on a cleanse we are probably eating more healthy than at home.

Step 3: Bring your utensils and containers from home

A soft sided cooler helps keep your snacks cool during the day when you are away from your hotel You can take ice packs with you or if weight is a challenge, when you are finished with a couple of water bottles refill them with tap water and freeze them in your fridge. Just mark them by peeling off the labels so that you do not accidentally drink the water. (Two no-nos for toxins in plastic water bottles: refilling and freezing the water. This releases some of the toxins in the plastic) Take insulated mugs and a microwave safe bowl with you or buy it at your destination depending on your weight restrictions. Also a metal spoon each makes for more comfortable eating. A pocket knife allows for cutting up cheese, dates and other food. You can use the spoon for all meals or bring a metal fork. Camp sporks are also handy depending on your preference. You can use the coffee maker to boil water for your tea and oatmeal. We like to have a glass or ceramic dish to microwave. This is a personal choice. This trip I forgot the bowl and spoons and went to a local dollar store and bought everything one for 2 dollars. Travel mugs allow for keeping tea hot or drinks cold. A huge priority for me personally.
Travelling does not have to be expensive or unhealthy. A little bit of planning and you can continue your journey to a healthy life even when you are half way around the world.