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Laser tag is zero impact and high fun for ages 5+. Unlike some of our impact games where there is a minimum age, anyone can play laser tag. For children and adults, Predator Laser Tag is played primarily at our Indoor Action Center but is available outside or mobile in your backyard, or at a community event.

The rules are simple, if you get shot you are out for 3 seconds, or until you use a respawn beacon depending on the game rules. Multiple game types available & the rules are explained before each.

Our indoor playing areas are divided into 2 zones: Upstairs and Downstairs. We refer to each level as a different field. There is often a group playing in each area at the same time.

Frontline Action Laser Tag is the best option for Birthday Parties for new or younger visitors

A group of people playing laser tag.

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Laser Tag FAQ

What is the difference between iCombat and laser tag?2021-04-15T13:18:54-02:30

Experience the most realistic combat experience possible with the new iCombat system. With equipment built to military spec, the tactical vest, vibration/shock belt, and magazine-fed iCombat M16 deliver an impact-free solution with the highest adrenaline-pumping experience imaginable! This is for ages 13 and up.  Players must be at least 18 years old to use the optional shock belts.

Predator Lasertag is our tried and true experience. Suitable for ages 4 years and up this is a great time for corporate groups and mixtures of all ages.  No shock belts here just pure, active fun.

Is there a vest?2021-04-13T15:46:41-02:30

No, laser tag has a sensor box on top of the gun, if it is hit, that’s how you know you are out.

What ages can play?2021-04-13T15:46:01-02:30

For in facility we ask for ages 5 and up, but for mobile events we allow any age as long as they can operate the equipment.

Are lasers safe?2021-04-13T15:45:12-02:30

Laser tag actually fired infrared beams, roughly the same thing that comes out of a tv remote.

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