Bazooka Ball2024-02-01T22:40:56-03:30

Bazooka Ball is a game played with foam Balls & guns that shoot those balls. Players engage in several different game types including TDM, Capture the Flag, Free for All & more. Bazooka Ball uses a soft projectile that has a very very low impact but still offers gameplay with a projectile.

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Bazooka Ball FAQ

What should I wear?2023-09-28T11:55:09-02:30

Frontline Action’s indoor fields are air-conditioned and kept at a temperature of around 17 degrees celcius year-round. For projectile games like Bazooka Ball and we also suggest you consider the following:

  • Good footwear with ankle protection
  • Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing, and gloves
  • A baseball cap, bandana, or hockey neck guard to protect your neck
  • Wear contacts instead of glasses. If you must wear glasses – defog them using commercial defogger, shampoo, or shaving cream.
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