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Will your equipment harm my lawn?2021-04-15T14:01:32-02:30

We take steps to minimize damage to your lawn.  However, much of our equipment is secured using stakes. As a result, there will be small holes in your lawn after we go. We assume no liability for lawn damage. Also, please advise us on the location of any underground utilities, such as underground sprinklers.

Can the inflatables be set up indoors?2021-04-15T14:01:07-02:30

Yes. We do set up our units indoors, especially during winter months or if poor weather is likely, assuming that the space is large enough to accommodate the units. Spaces that are typically large enough are gymnasiums, stages, and halls, just to name a few. Please see our Mobile Price List page for the dimensions of our equipment and the minimum space required.

What if I have problems at my party?2021-04-15T14:00:41-02:30

We always have attendants on hand should anything go wrong they are trained to handle most situations. In the rare event that can not handle any issue that arises, they have contact with Management at all times.

What is your delivery area?2021-04-15T13:59:58-02:30

We serve the entire Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.  Please inquire about the delivery fee to your area at the time of booking.

How many people fit in the inflatables at a time?2021-04-15T13:59:29-02:30

13’ x 13’ bounce houses & 3 in 1 combo units:
Under 8 years = 6-8 riders
9-12 years = 4-6 riders (only one rider is allowed going down the slide at a time).

21’ slide:
5-8 years = 4 riders
9-13 years = 3 riders
14 years-adult = 2 riders (only one rider is allowed to go down the slide at a time)

Is the equipment clean?2021-04-15T13:58:18-02:30

Yes. After each use, our bounce houses are thoroughly vacuumed to get dirt and debris out of the unit and all equipment is wiped down with a disinfecting cleaner. We pride ourselves on delivering clean and attractive units for your enjoyment.

Do you have insurance?2021-04-15T13:57:48-02:30

Yes, we have $2,000,000 Liability Insurance & we are fully insured within the event of injury due to our gross negligence or malfunction of our equipment. However, this statement in no way implies legal responsibility.

Are bounce houses safe?2021-04-15T13:57:21-02:30

Yes. Our bounce houses are constructed to be as safe as possible. Each bounce house comes with a safety entrance ramp or mat and is secured with either stakes or sandbags. As with any activity involving small children, an adult must supervise. This will help to ensure that the safety rules continue to be followed and that someone is always there to assist children entering and exiting the bounce houses. Most of our bounce houses are covered for protection from direct sun and they have netting on all four sides to allow for greater visibility and air circulation. In addition, we review all safety rules with you prior to use.   While no one can guarantee safety, we do everything we can to promote the safe use of our products to ensure your day is filled with nothing but fun.

How do I prepare for an inflatable?2021-04-15T14:06:06-02:30

The inflatables range in size and their dimensions can be found on our Inflatables page. Please provide an area with at least 3’ of clearance all the way around the inflatable (including above it) to ensure that it will not hit tree branches or any other obstructions. This will create an open area around the inflatable for proper supervision and will protect our equipment. We will not set up inflatables under or near any electrical or telephone wires. The inflatables cannot be set up near a swimming pool or any type of machinery that generates heat.

Make sure there are no underground sprinkler pipes and/or buried telephone cables or electric or gas lines close to the perimeter of the site for the inflatable. Depending on the setup site we may use stakes as long as 36” to secure the tarp and inflatable.

Clear the site of all sharp objects, such as sticks and rocks, as well as animal waste and other large debris. If animal waste must be removed, please cover the spot to protect our equipment from residue. On hard surfaces like driveways or parking lots, please sweep the area clean.

The setup site should be relatively level. We will not set up on a hill.

Dogs and other animals must be tied, caged, or otherwise kept away from the inflatables from the time the equipment is set up to the time the equipment is taken down and picked up.

Please turn off automatic sprinklers in the area and do not water or cut the grass the day or night before your event.

How much room do you need to bring in the inflatable?2021-04-15T14:06:06-02:30

A standard walk-through gate is fine for smaller inflatables like basic bounce houses, 3 in 1 combo, single lane slides, or interactive games like joust, velcro wall, or bungee run. We bring the unit rolled up and wheel it in on a heavy-duty hand truck (dolly). If a person can comfortably walk through the gate, we should be able to fit most smaller inflatables through too.

However, we also carry some quite large inflatables which require access through larger entrances such as the 4 in1 combos, 5 in1 combos, dual-lane slides, obstacle courses, and special inflatables. These units require larger entrances and cannot be brought up and downstairs.

If you have any concerns about the access to your set up site please discuss this at the time of booking.

How much space is required to set up an inflatable?2021-04-15T14:06:06-02:30

There should be at least 3 feet of clearance on all sides of the inflatable. This provides the person supervising enough room to observe the participants and provides the unit clearance from snagging while it flexes or is being inflated or deflated. There should also be the adequate height above the unit. You can view the dimensions of the units and the minimum space required for all of our inflatables on the Bouncy Castles & Slides or Interactive Games pages. The setup location should also have a very gradual slope and be free of rocks, limbs, debris, and animal waste.

Inclement weather policy2021-04-15T14:06:06-02:30

We make every effort to set up for each and every rental reservation. However, the safety of our clients is our top priority. We sometimes cannot set up in inclement weather due to the chance of injury or electrocution and, in such cases, reserve the right to cancel your reservation. Inclement weather includes, but is not limited to lightning, rain, high winds, hail, snow, sleet, and ice. If the weather is cloudy but it is not raining hard, we will stay in contact with you prior to your scheduled time and give you the choice of whether or not you want to proceed with your event. We have a simple policy – if we load for your event –  we expect payment. If we don’t load up then we don’t expect payment (and any deposit will be refunded in full) as long as the decision is made before our staff has packed up for your event. Please bear in mind that decisions about whether we proceed need to be made to allow for the time that our store is open.  If we close Friday night at 10 PM and your event is in the morning and there is a 2 hour drive time then you need to let us know on Friday night before we close.  If the decision to cancel due to weather is made after our staff has packed for your set up we will not refund the deposit on the rented item and we will charge the delivery fee to cover their time and cost to get to you.

What kind of power is needed?2021-04-15T14:06:06-02:30

Food machines and the blowers for all of our inflatables require a standard 110 volt, 20 amp circuit, three-prong outlet within 100 feet of the setup area, otherwise, a generator will be needed.  We can provide a generator, however, we would need advance notice and there would be an additional charge.  Please note that food machines and blowers for inflatables should not be on a shared breaker with each other or anything else otherwise they may pop the breaker. You should discuss power needs when booking if you have any questions.

Where can the inflatables be set up?2021-04-15T14:06:06-02:30

Almost any flat surface will do. We prefer to set up on a smooth grassy area. However, paved driveways, church and school gyms, or halls with high ceilings all work great as well. Please discuss this when booking so we can make arrangements to properly secure the inflatables.

Substitutions Policy2021-04-15T13:50:56-02:30

From time to time inflatables or other equipment may be damaged or picked up in otherwise unusable conditions causing the need to substitute your requested item. We will make every effort to contact you to allow you to make the second choice decision, but if you cannot be contacted we will make the decision for you. In the rare event that this occurs, we will discount the substituted item for the inconvenience. We will not be held responsible for this inconvenience in any other way. We reserve the right to refuse service at any event if, in our opinion, it would not be safe to set up or allow the use of our equipment.

My party is tomorrow. Can I still get a rental?2021-04-15T13:48:28-02:30

Maybe. Give us a call and we will try our best to work it in. However, we are not always able to accommodate last-minute rentals. To avoid disappointment it is best to book as far in advance as possible, especially if you are looking to book on a Friday or Saturday.

What is your cancellation policy?2021-04-15T13:48:01-02:30

This depends on the items you are renting.

If renting inflatables and games, your deposit is fully refundable up to 72 hours prior to your event. If the cancellation is made less than 72 hours prior to your event, your deposit will not be refunded. Please see “Inclement Weather” for our weather policy. Once we leave for your event, the balance is due in full and no refund will be given.

What forms of payment do you accept?2021-04-15T13:40:48-02:30

To offer flexibility in payment methods, we accept email transfer, cash, cheque, VISA, MasterCard, and Interac. Please note that Interac is only available if the driver on your setup crew has the machine with him. If this is how you would prefer to pay please let us know at the time of booking.

When do I pay the remaining balance?2021-04-15T13:39:58-02:30

For the most part payment is due at the time of delivery of the rental equipment and is to be collected before the equipment is set up. For some orders, the remaining balance is due no later than noon the day before delivery.  These terms will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

Is a deposit required?2021-04-15T13:39:29-02:30

Yes, we require at least 25% of the total cost of your booking upfront.  There may be a larger deposit required for more complicated bookings or events that require a greater upfront cost.

What is included in the rental of an inflatable?2021-04-15T13:39:03-02:30

For safety reasons we insist on delivering, setting up, operating, and taking down all inflatables.  A delivery fee may be charged in addition to the rental price if the location is greater than 20 km round trip.  Please inquire about the delivery fee to your area at the time of booking.  We always set up prior to your rental time and take down afterward so that you receive your full rental time.  Generally, delivery and pick up will take place 30 minutes to 2 hours before and after your event.  Due to the delivery schedule on your day, you may receive extra time, at no additional charge to you.  Your rental time begins and ends at your contracted time, regardless of how early we set up or how late we takedown.

How soon should I book?2021-04-15T13:38:07-02:30

Our items are booked first come first served so the sooner you book the better your selection will be. Also, due to scheduling, we are not always able to accommodate last-minute rentals. Although we will do our best to fit you in, it is best to book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment.

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