Do you love your family? Would you poison them on purpose? Prove it!

We need to stop poisoning our families

Gum is poison

I was listening to a brain doctor speaking about brain health.  He broke choices down into above 100 IQ decisions and below 100 IQ decisions.  Chewing this type of gum is about a 50 IQ decision. If you chew almost any gum made today, with a few exceptions (PUR is one), or worse allow your children to eat Aspartame or any of the other ingredients listed on the front of gum packages you need to smarten up. There is a reason they list them on the front.  They are bad for you. VERY BAD FOR YOU!!  If you doubt me do some research.  This is not some fad. .Aspartame will be to future generations what cigarettes was to our parents. They kinda knew it was bad but just stuck their heads in the sand.  We should be smarter than that.  What’s your IQ?