It has always amazed me that people talk about our sports in terms of whether they hurt or not. Every other sport played competitively is more dangerous and hurt alot more and yet these facts do not seem to enter into the conversation about whether little Johnny should play hockey or soccer or basketball. Statistically, Paintball and airsoft are the safest sports played competitively. (Even safer than bowling or golf) That all being said the question remains: does it hurt? The answer depends on a lot of variables. Most of these are controlled by the player some are not. A few that are controllable are the following: 1/ do you play at a paintball field that checks the velocity of the markers (paintball and airsoft guns). Higher velocities can leave a bruise. 2/ How much clothing are you wearing?. If you are nervous layer up. A toque, gloves, loose fitting pants and a hoodie can make for a bruise free experience. You can also rent neck guards and chest protectors. 3/ How close are you when you get shot. If you are nervous stay back and if you feel you are about to get shot too close just call yourself out. No harm no foul. Other options include our new low impact Splatmaster games or irTactical and Predator LaserTag systems.