The Holiday Season is upon us! Time for Joy, Giving, Friends, Family and if you’re a designer.

Sales, Promos, Designs, More Promos, Mailout’s, Flyers, Advent Calendars! You name it and it came across my desk in the past 3 weeks.

But as I am about ready to settle into my long Christmas weekend, I thought it a great time to get my first official blog post up and running, complete with ridiculous Santa face swap.

Frontline Action Christmas

Christmas ideas from Frontline Action

Let’s Be honest here, what good is a Graphic Designer who can’t do a decent face swap?

Alright, I may not actually be Santa but I think the look works. I might have to work on my beard game!

On to the Tips

#5 – Go Easy on the Turkey

There’s fun and excitement abound all holiday season, the last thing you want is to end up in a turkey coma.  We all look forward to the time off work to spend with Friends and Family, and Loved ones.

#4 – Be Nice to each other

I say Christmas a bunch in this post because that’s what I celebrate, but it’s the Holiday Season and lots of people celebrate lots of different things. It’s important to remember that this is a time of happiness, joy and just being nice.

#3 – Have fun

Days off work, school, or just being done with exams for a while, the Holiday Season is a great time to go out and do something fun, whether that’s Sledding, Snowmobiling, or (shameless plug) playing Laser Tag, it’s important to be active and enjoy the company of others.

#2 – Start a Project

We’ve all got that one thing on our plate that we keep saying “I’ll get that done when I have some free time”! Well that time is now, you have a few days off, there’s nothing to stress about, work isn’t until Monday. Use some of that extra relaxing to dive into that project you’ve just been dying to start.

#1 – Thoughtful Gifts are better

Anyone can go out and get a Giftcard, shirt, or pair of socks. It takes only a little more effort to really put some thought in, and make something yourself. A homemade card or item is a great way to show appreciation and usually only costs a little bit of your time.