Why do we call Brazil “Developing”and Newfoundland and Canada “developed”  in some cases it is the other way around?

Brazilian men and women are friendlyPeople, in general, have always mystified me.  Many of us think we know it all and have an answer for everything.  Until we travel to other cultures and see the similarities and differences, we really just have a  narrow and biased opinion.  I am  strong willed and opinionated. However,I constantly discover through my travels thatI really know very little. I also realize that we as North Americans have an awful lot to learn from our older cousins around the world. Nothing is black and white.  

In the last 4 days I have visited 2 of the largest cities in the world. A combined population of over 20,000,000 (20 million) in the developing country of Brazil. Rio de Janeiro  and Sao Paulo are massive cities that work. I feel we have so much to learn in so called “developed” Newfoundland and Canada.  These Brazilian cities have good public transportation that the residents use,  high population density and are relatively clean.  

These are the opposite from what I observe in good old “developed” Newfoundland.  We should all strive for this type of sustainable development.  I challenge my proud and hard working fellow Newfoundlander’s to move in this direction and away from the American dream of a large house with 2+ cars in the driveway.  This is my reality, but I see the waste of resources and life force necessary to create and maintain such a wasteful existence. And I realize that If we don’t evolve away from this, we will not be able to keep it going in the long run.   

Brazil is also feeling the strain of  low oil prices and have more than there share of challenges.  They are a kind and proud people. Just like you and I they will survive. Let’s take this time of financial challenge to reexamine our choices as we prepare for our grandchildren and great grandchildren, not just the next budget.

As a side note, I just watched a helicopter land on top of a building next to our hotel in Sao Paulo. A man got out of the helicopter carrying a briefcase and quickly entered the building as the aircraft flew away.  Within minutes, a second, larger helicopter landed on the same building. I watched  as the same man and a woman, this time with suitcases, entered the new aircraft and flew away.  Life is full of contrasts. To see the video of the Brazilian beating traffic click here:[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSQbrie15zk[/embedyt]. Or for an amazing video showing part of Carnival in Rio click here. [embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOeykusWPTc[/embedyt]