25 items for a 2016 “Bucket List”

With 2016 here and resolutions & anti-resolutions buzzing all around the globe I thought to myself, instead of making a resolution, why not craft a list of things I would like to do this year.

Instead of one single self improvement goal that I’ll probably tire of when the gyms empty out in February or the ever fun write a book resolution that probably takes more than a year anyway I’m making a list of experiences I want to try.

I hope you’ll join me on this little adventure, either with my list, or your own. These can be completed in any order.


  1. Try a new food
  2. Make a new friend
  3. Go on an adventure
  4. See a concert
  5. Do something spontaneous
  6. Marathon your favorite movie or tv series
  7. Spend a weekend camping
  8. Do something nice for no reason
  9. Try Yoga
  10. Take a cooking class
  11. Visit your relatives
  12. Take a day to just relax
  13. Swim in a lake
  14. Share a cab with a stranger
  15. Write a blog post
  16. Buy something with your name on it
  17. Make your own Christmas Card
  18. Throw your friends a party
  19. Host a game night
  20. Get a massage
  21. Bake something for someone special
  22. Go Sightseeing in your own town
  23. Finish a crossword puzzle without help
  24. Attend a free seminar on anything
  25. Try Curling

This List is of course something I’ve created for me and I would recommend you make your own, but you could certainly take ideas from mine

About the Author
Mike is the Media Coordinator at Frontline Action, bringing up to date specials, information and promotions to you! Always tries to live life on the Zen side and brings that to you!

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