Winter is finally here. It tried to trick is with its spring like rain and sunny skies but the thermometer is reading -12*C Today. Brrrrrrrr. But don’t worry! Operation: Santa is still a go and we need YOUR help! Here are 5 essential items you need to have for the game this weekend (and any other winter games!)

5: Proper Ammo!
This time of year it is more important than ever to use good ammo. You need to use high grade (and bio at our field of course) BBs to prevent issues. Metal inner barrels can contract in the cold and cause a tighter squeeze on BBs. You don’t want your gun to jam while trying to save the North Pole do you? Cheap BBs also run the risk of shattering in your gun in the cold. Almost a full year until Christmas, so now isn’t the time to run your gun!
The same goes for paintball. Unlike the age old myth would have you believe, paintballs DO NOT freeze in th cold. The opposite (well sort of) happens. Paintballs lose their elasticity and become very fragil. Any small bump or shake can cause them to break in your gun or hopper. Make sure you are using a winter formulated paintball to avoid a messy situation

4: Layers, layers, layers!
Layer up. It is cold out there! Proper face wear, hats, jackets, scarves, whatever you have. You don’t want to be forced to abandon your team during the final assault on Santas workshop do you? Besides keeping you warm, extra layers will soften the impact from being shot. As a bonus for paintballers, more layers means the balls are less likely to break on you. If a hit doesn’t break, you aren’t out! And no, you can not wrap yourself in bubble wrap!

3: Extra Batteries!
The cold SUCKS! It sucks the juice right out of freshly charged batteries. In the summer, a battery that lasts you 3-5 hours without fail may only last an hour in our frigid northern climate. Be sure to have a couple extra batteries or atleast a charger with you. If you get in a stand off with Santa, you don’t want your gun failing you. His sure wont!

2: Oil/Grease
Cold weather tends to wreck havoc on poorly cared for guns. You want to make sure your guns are oiled or greased with a proper amount of lubricant before heading out, and bring some with you just in case. Remember, not enough and parts will bind up but too much can turn sticky in the cold and thicken up causing just as many problem.

1: Fogtech Wipes
$1. That could be the difference between having a great scenario game and saving the North Pole, or ruining Christmas forever. For everyone!  Sure soap, shampoo, and other anti-fog sprays will help short term, but fog tech wipes are designed to last 5+ tax from one application. Glasses, sights, goggles and masks can all fall victim to Jack Frost. Come prepared!