Be Brave and Make a Real Difference

The confusion and conflicted emotions that people feel over helping Syrian refugees is misplaced in my opinion. The media has scared us with reports of terrorism and sleeper terrorists that attack innocent people without warning.  These acts are inexcusable and we need to try and prevent them by taking measures to detect and prevent these evil people from acting out.  But to connect these misguided criminals to an entire religion or country would be no different than labeling all Christians as Crusaders, who massacred Muslims by the thousands 900 years ago or all white Americans as Klu Klux Klan members.  The people of Syria are suffering and need our help.  If we want to be afraid of something or someone lets focus on drunk drivers who kill people all the time or people not wearing their seatbelts or life jackets.  Lets focus on wearing safety glasses and being careful when walking on ice.  These are rational fears that actually kill and hurt Canadians every day.  We can do something about these preventable deaths and injuries and save lives while we help others in war torn countries and save their  lives.  Lets be brave and hold out our hands to fellow humans who desperately need our help and who will make our country a better place.