Happy New Year Everyone!!!

2016 Came very quickly, and I can’t wait to see what’s next but for now we’re breaking down my top 5 Viral moments in 2015.  Many of these brought the world to watch, and a couple of them are just my favorite.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite viral moments in 2015 were.


My Top Viral Moments in 2015

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#5 – The Hero we Needed

pizza-ratPizza Rat won the hearts of many when it was carrying home what I can only assume was food for the rest of the year. #pizzarat won the hearts of many when the 14 second video went viral almost instantly!





#4 – Dance like no one is watching

resizeLeft Shark is an inspiration to us all. Whoever was in that suit was clearly having the time of their lives, and dancing really, really poorly. Overnight Katy Perry’s performance was viewed by internet go-ers everywhere when many Superbowl watchers noticed just how awfully left shark was dancing.








#3 – Speaking of dancing, how about a private party.

1435273945_sean-obrien-zoomDance on Dancing Man. Sean O’ Brien from Liverpool was body shamed when he was getting his groove on at what seemed like a dance club. Refered to as a specimen and of course made fun of. Dancing man won the day though when Cassandra Fairbanks launched an online campaign to track down the dancing man to throw him a private party. They eventually found dancing man, and it goes to show the amazing power of social media!







#2 – What is this a top 5 for ants?

maxresdefaultZoolander offers a hilarious look into a parodied fashion world and is all around hilarious.  So when Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller stormed the stage during Paris Fashion Week as their characters to announce Zoolander 2, the whole world watched. I was so excited by this, it earned a place in my top 5 viral moments, largely because of my love for Zoolander.






#1 – The Dress

the_dress_viral_phenomenonThis dress. I can not say enough about this thing. First of all it divided the world in two between #whitegold and #blueblack. However it really did a number on me, I remember the morning I woke up to this in my news feed and remember thinking how could anyone see white and gold here, it is pretty decidedly blue and black. That is until I got to work that morning after about an hours bus ride, and the dress switched colors, I was left dumbfounded when this chameleon of a dress decided to up and decided that it was pretty clearly white and gold.

I believe the original owner was contacted and confirmed that it was indeed blue and black, but not since Janet Jackson has one article of clothing causes such an uproar.