So it has happened. The dead are coming back to life and they feel the best use of their second chance is to try and eat people. Awesome. We don’t know if someone was attacked by a wolf with rabies, a mysterious flu like virus or someone drank some expired milk. How it started doesn’t matter. What matters now is gathering supplies to try and survive. We are going to share with you how to use your paintball/airsoft equipment to help you survive. Most players will have most of this gear already, if not it is available at our proshop.

Please keep in mind this is for entertainment purposes only. Yes we are aware that this may not be scientifically accurate but remember – we are talking about zombies.

Clothing choice can make or break any survival situation. Living in a place like Newfoundland you never know what to expect. You will experience all 4 seasons (possibly even all in one day) so you need to be prepared.
Jacket/Jersey and pants – Paintball clothing is very durable and offers great protection. It allows for easy movement as well. If you have camo gear then +1 for you. You never know when that will come in handy hiding from zombies or even other people. You can also buy light and heavy clothing for each season to keep your warm or cool. Very important when running from the undead.
Gloves – Everyone should have a good pair of gloves. Building barricades, jumping over fences or even hand to hand combat with a zombie. You wouldn’t want to break a nail on a zombie skull, would you? We suggest a pair with hard knuckles. Just because they look cool of course.
Footwear – Good, comfortable footwear is something every paintball/airsoft player should have. You may be traveling over all sorts of terrain for long periods of time. A sprained ankle or broken foot could be life or death during the apocalypse. I for one, will not be carrying you.

Elbow/knee pads – You never know when you will have to dive down a hill, crawl through a tunnel or even trip up because you forgot to tie your shoe. These will also offer protection from bites if you get up close and personal.
Shemagh – A great option for staying warm, keeping splatter off your face, wrapping wounds or looking like Brad Pitt in World War Z.

Tactical Vest:
This is one of the most useful pieces of gear most paintball/airsoft players have but how often do you see them in movies/tv shows? Never! A tac vest will offer a little protection as well as some warmth when it is cold. You can carry everything you need on you. No need to go scrambling through a backpack to find something. Water, food, tools, first aid, weapons, ammo and even your toothbrush. All on you ready to go at any time.

Some of you more hardcore players may have a combat helmet. This will help keep you dry in the rain, protect you from deteriorating buildings (the maintenance man is probably more concerned with eating your face) and can even become a weapon in hand to hand combat.  If your helmet has rails you can attach NVGs or a flashlight. +1 for you.


Lets assume everyone isn’t already infected. This isnt The Walking Dead (thank god, would you really want to deal with Carl?). You want to keep the zombie gore out of your eyes and mouth. A paintball mask is a great way to do this.

Paintball/Airsoft gun:
Before you say anything, no, these will not take down a fresh zombie but use your imagination. Over time zombies will begin to break down and decay. Once they get nice and squishy a paintball gun with riot balls or an airsoft gun may just be able to take one down. Remember zombies are not your only enemy. You may encounter other humans who look to do you harm. A realistic looking airsoft gun may scare them off. If not, getting shot with one may do so. If all else fails they make very good bats.

Weapon attachments:
Your gun may be outfitted with all sorts of useful tools. Flashlights to see in the dark, a laser to distraction or perhaps a scope to see further away. You never know when those might come in handy.

Most people own some sort of knife. If you don’t, I believe you should. They are one of the most versatile tools you can have. You can use them to build shelters, open food, start fires or even open doors/locks with one that is strong enough. Oh yea, or you can use it to take down zombies. Can’t forget that one!


This could be your lifeline. It can be used for just about anything. Scaling a wall, making a sling, repairing your gear or holding a door open or closed. You never know when some good rope will come in handy.

I also believe everyone should own a good lighter. You never know when you will need to start a fire for survival, to signal for help or to burn down a barn full of zombies. You know, everyday kind of things.

Smoke grenades, thunder b grenades, camo tape and batteries. There are endless uses for many items. If the zombies do come you will need to be creative and resourceful. If you are in the area when the first reports of zombies come please drop on in and get geared up. Hopefully atleast one of these tips will help you if the day ever does come.

~ Travis