Fall Brawl Speedball Tournament

Dust off your Speedball Gear. Frontline is bringing the Action on Sunday, September 15 for our Fall

Brawl 3 Man Speedball Weighted Draw Tournament. Great friends reunited prizes and the excitement

of speedball all in one day. Get in and register now.

Date: Sunday, September 15, 2013

Format: 3 Man weighted skill Random Draw tournament (Players will be given a number 1-3 based on

their skill) each team will have one player with each number on it.

Cost: $25/player Registration

$65 per case of paint

3v3 race to 3 points (Maybe or 3 man NPPL tournament) The format does not have to be announced

yet. Will be decided in next day.

Maximum of 4 Players with MAXIMUM of 1 Elite or MXL player per team

12.4 BPS Cap

NAX Format

Prizes to be revealed!

Registration is limited so get your team registered today!