Frontline Action continues to pivot and serve our customers wherever we see a need now you can contact Frontline Action for a Tent rental.

This was on our wish list just prior to Covid turning all our worlds upside down.

I wanted to pass along some helpful information if you are planning to rent a tent for your special day.

  1. Plan for the complete cost. Tents may be joined together, have walls, eves-trough, and even flooring. Various lighting options are available as well. Chairs, tables, and decor should also be thought about and factored in
  2. Pick the model of tent rental you want. The most common and functional is the Marquis style engineered tent. Newfoundland and Labrador are very windy and we have chosen made in Canada Technology Marquees tents which we can join together to cover up to 240 guests and are engineered to withstand our wind.
  3. Determine the best location for your tent rental and take into account the following logistics. How flat is the ground, where are your septic tank and underground wiring (We have to drive spikes 2 feet into the ground) Ensure that the tent will be at least 10 feet away from any structures because of the guy wires? If possible avoid pavement and concrete to avoid the extra cost of drilling and patching for the spikes. Be conscious of the prevailing wind when you are positioning the door to your tent. If your location has a nice view be conscious of that view when positioning the direction your door and windows in your tent face.
  4. Confirm that your venue will allow you to drive stakes in the ground. Also, check how far in advance the tent rental can be set up because sometimes tent setup needs multiple days depending on weather and other event schedules.
  5. Reserve your tent rental in advance. Often tent rental companies book years in advance. We still have plenty of available tents and times for this season however some weekends are filling up.
  6. Get the proper size tent rental based on your vision for your event. Depending on whether you are having a dance or just a dinner allow between 12 and 18 square feet per guest.
  7. Consider Flooring. The grass is your cheapest option, but if you don’t want the ladies to ruin their heels, cover the ground with flooring. We have 1200 square feet of connectable flooring to rent.
  8. Consider heating. Let’s face it, the temperature can drop in the evening or any day for that matter. Consider a heater that will keep your tent toasty warm.
  9. Check out the sound in advance Tents and grass can absorb the sound. Ask your DJ to set up in advance to make sure that your guests regardless of where they are sitting can hear the speeches.


We hope that you will consider tents as a safe and special way to celebrate your big day or event.

See our prices for tent rentals here