Be Present, Enjoy Life & Live Happy

January 20, 2016|Blog|

You can only do one thing at a time. Contrary to popular belief, humans cannot multi-task. What we can do is combine automated tasks with tasks that are not so automatic. It's one of the reasons why texting and driving [...]

Paintball is Safer than Hockey

January 19, 2016|Blog|

Why Paintball is Safer than Hockey Why Paintball is Safer than Hockey Paintball and to a lesser degree Airsoft is one of the few sports that people discuss whether it hurts all the time before deciding if they [...]

25 items for a 2016 “Bucket List”

January 7, 2016|Blog|

With 2016 here and resolutions & anti-resolutions buzzing all around the globe I thought to myself, instead of making a resolution, why not craft a list of things I would like to do this year. Instead of one single self [...]

So This is Christmas & 5 Christmas Tips

December 23, 2015|Blog|

The Holiday Season is upon us! Time for Joy, Giving, Friends, Family and if you're a designer. Sales, Promos, Designs, More Promos, Mailout's, Flyers, Advent Calendars! You name it and it came across my desk in the past 3 weeks. [...]

Under Construction

January 28, 2015|Frontline News|

Frontline Action is proud to finally launch our online store! We only have a small number of our items online so far (242 of our 3877 to be exact). We are fully operational and everything is ready to ship. Check back frequently [...]

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