Under Construction

January 28, 2015|Frontline News|

Frontline Action is proud to finally launch our online store! We only have a small number of our items online so far (242 of our 3877 to be exact). We are fully operational and everything is ready to ship. Check back frequently [...]

Switchblade vs Spring Assisted

June 23, 2014|Blog|

“Do you guys sell switchblades?” “NO!” No, we do not sell switch blades. Switch blades are illegal and EXTREMELY dangerous. This is a question we get all the time and the answer is simply no. “Do you guys have any [...]

How To Be A Team Player

April 7, 2014|Blog|

Want to be the player who's team everybody wants to be on? Here's how to be a more valuable teammate. Playing paintball or airsoft as a true team player beats strength in numbers anyday, hands down. This involves several factors [...]

Why You Should Play Airsoft

December 2, 2013|Blog|

Oh boy. I can already feel the controversy in the air and the disapproving comments rolling in. Everyone relax for a couple seconds. There is no arguing that airsoft is a quickly growing hobby. We are not saying it is [...]

Paintball and Airsoft: Does it hurt?

November 22, 2013|Blog|

It has always amazed me that people talk about our sports in terms of whether they hurt or not. Every other sport played competitively is more dangerous and hurt alot more and yet these facts do not seem to enter [...]

Winter Paintball/Airsoft Tips

November 13, 2013|Blog|

Winter is coming. No, this is not a Game of Thrones meme, winter truly is on the way. Unlike Game of Thrones however it really is just around the corner. Many of you reading this may be getting ready for [...]

Zombie Survival

October 31, 2013|Blog|

So it has happened. The dead are coming back to life and they feel the best use of their second chance is to try and eat people. Awesome. We don't know if someone was attacked by a wolf with rabies, [...]

Fall Brawl at Frontline Action

September 3, 2013|Scenario & Events|

Fall Brawl Speedball Tournament Dust off your Speedball Gear. Frontline is bringing the Action on Sunday, September 15 for our Fall Brawl 3 Man Speedball Weighted Draw Tournament. Great friends reunited prizes and the excitement of speedball all in one [...]

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